The Sports Betting- Dilemma Of Every Indian

Sports betting 96ace indonesia is a hugely popular activity in many countries but in India, the law states that it is illegal to maintain or manage any betting houses. In other countries, the government even provides a license to the betting houses. In India, you will be fined Rs.200 or even be jailed if caught. There is a lot of confusion about this particular activity in India. Many states are pushing for the legalization of this activity. Sikkim has already legalized this for its people. This legalization of betting on sporting events varies from state to state.


What does the law state?

Coming to the constitution it clearly states that betting on any sporting event is an illegal activity and can the accused can be punished accordingly. The betting madness took over people only recently when IPL came into action. After the inception of the IPL campaign, many people started betting on the teams that participate in this campaign. People can be bet on the outcome of a ball, outcome of over, etc and to keep it simple they can bet on the total outcome of the match. Sports betting has become one of the biggest businesses in the past decade even though many bookies were arrested and scams were exposed. Many people have eventually found loopholes in the rules and have come up with online betting. This has also gained popularity and mainly has traffic during the IPL season.


Online sports betting

Even though the constitution states that betting on any sporting activity is illegal and no one can own or manage a betting house in India, people have found a way around this. People have figured out that there is no mention of online betting being illegal and around this loophole; foreign betting services have released their respective websites in India for people to bet on sporting events. Now comes to the question of which sporting events can you bet on using these websites. The following are the sporting events that you can bet on:


  • IPL – This is easily one of the biggest sporting events that people bet on.
  • Football – Although there are more than 20 football leagues, people mostly bet on the premier league which takes place in England.
  • Hockey.

The above-mentioned are just a handful of sporting events that people can bet online and there are many sporting events that people can bet on depending on the services that the betting website provides.


Sports betting are mostly illegal in India but there’s no particular rule against online betting and this can be taken advantage of by people who want to bet on their favorite sports. The government isn’t doing much about betting and hasn’t done much for quite some time. If the government wishes they can even legalize betting and divert some revenue to them and add weight to their budget.  In many states, this is an illegal activity. So, it is recommended to check the rules of your state before getting into betting